Introducing a New Concept in Gaming.

Welcome to Venue Games.  We’ve created the first shared, mobile platform where retailers can leverage the power of gaming to engage their customers.  Through Venue Games, your customers will come to your establishment to play a variety of fun and engaging games.  It’s a fantastic way to increase foot traffic and/or visit duration, grow customer loyalty, collect valuable data and ultimately increase revenues.  Best of all set up is FAST and FREE!

Intuitive Navigation

We’ve developed a highly-intuitive user interface that allows consumers to find what they’re looking for quickly and easily.  The objective is to make navigation so intuitive and simple that the user doesn’t notice it. Through our interface, users have the ability to:

  1. Check into their current venue
  2. Find venues in proximity
  3. Search by game format
  4. Manage their entries and prizes  

Check-In Required

Since one of the highest objective is to keep customers at the establishment longer, we employ geolocation to track customer location and make sure they’re actually in the restaurant before we allow them to play.


Mapping & Directions:  We also use geolocation to help consumers find your locations and get directions.

Customizable Hub

The Venue Games Platform is structured like a shopping mall.  Think of your hub as your “storefront” in the mall. It’s what a consumer will see when they come to your establishment and login.  Your hub will feature:



  • Your Brand Imagery & Content
  • Your Games
  • Prizes Issued to the Consumer by You



Additionally, your hub will have buttons that enable them to call the location and get driving directions from their current location.

The Best Game Formats Available

We offer a complete, turn-key package that gives you access to the most engaging sports, simulated sports, poker and promotional games available.

Click here to view our games.

Interested in Becoming a Beta Venue?

We're getting ready to roll-out the Venue Games platform and we're looking for a select group of retailers to become Beta Venues to help us test and configure our products. Get in on the ground floor and contact us today!

Frequently Asked Questions

When are you going to launch?

We expect to formally launch in Q1 of 2019.

Can I help Beta test the platform?

Yes.  We expect to admit a handful of motivated retailers as Beta Venues for our upcoming Beta tests, which are tentatively scheduled for Q4 2018.  If you’re interested contact us as soon as practicable.

As a Venue Operator. do I need a license from the professional sports leagues?

The short answer is no.   Technically speaking, all games are offered by and through Venue Games and not the Venue Operator.  Venue Operators merely provide a location for people to play our games and the games of any third-party provides we’ve contracted with.  Any licensing that may be required is on our end and not yours.

Does Venue Games offer gambling or games for real cash?

No.  All of our games are free to the consumer.  As such, by legal definition, are not consider gambling products.  That said, we do have the ability to offer charity games and contests that may require the payment of a fee to the charity to gain admission.  However, these types of charitable contests would be exempt from state and Federal gaming laws.

How is prizing managed?

We have a proprietary prizing engine that provided enormous flexibility in the manner that prizes are awarded.  When a prize is won, a prize voucher is issued that must be presented in person (or on your website) for redemption.