The Best Game Formats Available

We offer a complete, turn-key package that gives you access to the most engaging sports, poker and promotional games available.


We offer a wide variety of games that are based on the results of real sporting events, including Top-X, House Games and popular Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) formats such as Salary Cap and No Cap.


We offer a wide variety of sports-based games including Top-X, our patented game format that essentially turns traditional sports into a horse race. The objective is simple – predict the top ‘X’ performing athletes based on their performance during the contest period. A perfect score could win you millions!


House Games:  House Games use Top-X to enable quasi-pari-mutuel style gaming where your customers make predictions to win prizes from the house. For example, predict the top three performing QBs for Sunday’s NFL games to win a free entree! The possibilities are limitless.

Simulated Sports

Venue Games is an industry leader in Simulated Sports and we’ve developed a series of patent-pending game formats that your patrons will thoroughly enjoy.  In Simulated Sports, player and team performance is randomly generated using our proprietary simulation engine that produces results based on past performance.  It’s designed to produce results that mimic real world outcomes.

SportoPoko MMPG

SportoPoko is a patent-pending game format that combines the excitement of sports with the betting mechanics of online poker.  The MMPG (Massive Multi-Player Game) version employs a proprietary staged-betting tool where entrants can either submit and additional fee or fold and exit the game at each inflection point.   We offer Random Draw, Salary Cap and No Cap versions.

SportoPoko Table

In the table version of SportoPoko, up to eight entrants play at a single table and true poker table wagering is employed (call, check, bet, raise and fold) and betting rounds commence after each inflection point in the game.

Simulated Sports Book

We’ve taken our proprietary simulation engine and created a fun and exciting simulated sports book game where you can play the point spread, parlay multiple wagers and pick the over-under.

Simulated Survivor

Imagine playing a season-long survivor game in a single evening. Playing is fast and simple. The objective is to pick one team to win each week. However, you can only pick a team once. It’s a lot harder than you’d think. Whoever lives the longest wins the pot!


We’ve developed a number of poker-based products, including the first MMPG (Massive-Multi-Player-Game) for poker.  Imagine all of your patrons playing poker together to win great prizes!

Texas Hold’Em

With Venue Games, you can open a series of private tables for your customers so that they can play Texas Hold’em with their Smartphones while they’re at your establishment. No need to change seats, no need to supply playing cards and no need to supply dealers.


PokoMaximo is a patent-pending game format that literally allows an unlimited number of people to play in a single hand of poker. It’s similar to Texas Hold’em. There are four community cards and each player is randomly assigned three of the remaining 48 cards in the deck. The community cards are revealed sequentially with players having the option to place an additional bet and stay in, or fold and exit the game. As the game progresses, the pot gets bigger and bigger!


We offer a series of easy-to-play promotional games that will give your customers a reason to visit your establishment.  They’re perfect for QSRs and other traditional retailers who want to increase customer visitation, but don’t necessarily want to increase visitation duration.


With our scratch-off instant-win game, we can customize a virtual scratch-off ticket. Each time one of your customers checks-in to your establishment, they’ll earn another chance to win. It’s a great way to grow customer loyalty.

Wheel Spin

Spin the wheel is a fun and suspenseful way to engage your customers and encourage them to come back to your store repeatedly to earn more spins. We can customize the interface to feature your brand content and imagery.

Slot Machine

Our virtual slots promotional tool can be customized with your brand content and imagery. This includes the imagery on the wheel. As with all of our promotional games, winners receive a prize voucher that must be presented in person for redemption.


Whack-a-Mole is a skills-based game that people love. You can give your customers additional “whacks“ each time they visit and we can customize the interface with your content.